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Ape Gorilla Club is an upcoming and innovative NFT project whose mission is to empower their community. According to reports, they will do so through various opportunities offered to holders.

A look at some of the soon to be released Ape Gorilla Club NFTs that are very useful.

About the Ape Gorilla Club

Although unreleased, Ape Gorilla is an 11,337 token NFT collection that primarily focuses on helping and empowering each other. Additionally, licensees will receive support for their business needs through software, networking opportunities, training and events. According to the Ape Gorilla team, they form a “community of donors”, convinced that they can help each other to make a difference.

To illustrate, Ape Gorilla describes itself as a goal-oriented, self-help NFT project. The mission of the project is to empower their community through multiple avenues. In fact, holders have ample opportunity to avail of a whole host of benefits. Some of them include; business or charity grants, web3.0 and blockchain academy, business support software and networking opportunities.

How it works?

Every Ape Gorilla NFT holder can submit their business or charity proposal, as long as it helps other people or has a positive impact. Basically, it’s an open ledger system – similar to a “Go Fund Me”. Each holder has the opportunity to receive funds from Ape Gorilla holders who believe in their mission.

The unique qualities of Ape Gorillas allow holders to participate in various events based on their rarity. Concerts, merchandising, and metaverse gatherings are just a few examples of these events.

Holders will also be able to customize their Ape Gorilla.

Ape Gorilla wants to give back

Ape Gorilla will donate to the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan – the country that coined the term “Gross National Happiness Index”, as defined by the United Nations.

Not only that, the NFT collection also offers an excellent balance between security and transparency since the team is doxxed. Yes, you can rest easy knowing that their team is fully identifiable!

Additionally, their smart contract is audited by 0xGuarda third party auditor.

The logistics of dropping the gorilla apes

In pre-sale, the Ape Gorilla Club will strike at a price of 0.22 ETH + gas fee. However, they have yet to confirm the date and time of the drop.

  • WL presale NFT holders get:
    • 100% off Personal and Business Plan for Lifetime or 50% on Growth Plan.
    • 3 hour free consultation to help you with
    • 2 nights free for any 2 bedroom beachfront apartment at CPBC plus an additional 20% off the regular price for any additional nights.
    • Access to Bongo restaurants with special discounts and VIP treatment.
    • NFT/Web 3.0 business consultation.
    • Access to a highly influential network and funds

The Gorilla Ape Whitelist is now livegiving you the chance to be whitelisted and qualify for the presale which will be announced shortly before it goes to the moon! Since joining the platform in November, the project has gained nearly 20,000 Twitter followers. Additionally, on Discord, more than 9,000 members are talking in the club.

Project innovation

In fact, this is the first NFT project whose goal is to enable the “donor community” to succeed. For them, it’s in business and in life as long as they help others or have a positive impact. Ape Gorilla’s mission is to provide as much utility and value as possible to Holders, and has a solid business plan to assist in the continued funding of the Community Wallet, for the benefit of all.

Gorilla Monkey Club
Ape Gorilla Club has broken new ground with the inclusion of AR on mobile devices.

Additionally, Ape Gorilla holders will also have access to the enterprise software, which is now in live beta. This software, called GorillaBuild, can help users build websites, online stores, sales funnels, and email campaigns. These are all crucial aspects of e-commerce businesses. The project hopes to help all its bearers who wish to create or develop a business.

Their software integrates with many e-commerce applications such as Stripe, Mailchimp, and PayPal. Pre-mint, they now offer a free trial. On top of that, their Gorilla Build Academy can also be used on the website, which has lots of video tutorials. Finally, they offer models suitable for the many facets of the business they help.

Where to find Ape Gorilla Club

If you are interested in these upcoming NFTs, you can find them on their social media platforms: Twitter, instagram and Reddit. Or, you can join the community at Discord or visit their website for all the necessary details about the club.

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