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Paying on time can be the best way to ensure the safety of our freelancers and our small businesses.

Small-scale businesses are an integral portion of UK economy.

In 2022, we’re looking at the loss of 440,000 small businesses and the potential talent that will boost future growth due to bad payment methods. Fast payment is good for everyone. It’s not a good idea to pay in arrears or force the payment terms of suppliers to be extended. It’s theft to not pay on time or at all. We must revolutionize business-to-business payments.

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The problem is serious

One of the leading UK representative associations for small companies has surveyed its members for 1,200. The results showed that 30% of them are experiencing issues with receiving their wages. In the process of extrapolation 360 member companies become 440,000 across the UK.

Paying late costs nobody

Extended payment terms aren’t the norm for ethical business. Investors and potential recruits are beginning to question whether small suppliers are treated. Intending the terms of payment and using small companies as banks usually indicates that a company is financially challenging.

Just as employees cannot be paid with the delay of four months small-scale suppliers shouldn’t have to endure payment delays or late payments. The process of leveling any sector begins with small-sized firms that are sole traders as well as micro-businesses and freelancers working in the area. Give the proper support to their hands and they’ll level the entire community. Don’t give them money, and they’ll not be able to provide any benefits.

Three out of four small-business owners are concerned about the rise in the cost of living this year.

The credit management industry is convinced they have found the answer by providing funds to help firms fill in the gaps of their financial flow, while waiting for payment. It works for some companies, but not for those with the smallest. Solo traders, freelancers, and micro-businesses are extremely likely to not be able to obtain invoice financing at rates they can afford.

Wellbeing is among the main reasons why people choose working for themselves. Flexibility to blend work and earning income with caring obligations, additional jobs, paid or unpaid , and the requirements of well-being and overall health are key the factors behind freelancing and opening an enterprise of a smaller size.

Creativity, which is the vital ingredient of all business is yet another element. Creative freelancers are those who feed larger firms by bringing ideas to life and best practices shared.

A large proportion of small companies across the UK are unsure of what “levelling up” actually is.

Through the entire outbreak that has swept the globe, we’ve seen more people leave their job to become freelancers or sole traders or to start their own company with only just a few employees. This trend is likely to persist since the massive resignation is taking a long time. People who previously have set their own rules for what they did and when will likely be able to recognize this option instead of in the footsteps of their employers. The next generation of creative freelancers could utilize the experiences as a basis for creating what could be the next PS3tn megacorp.

All of these reasons are reason enough to not allow the small businesses operating in this way fall into the ground. They’ll bring with them the ability that can bring to larger companies the creative and innovative ideas which an employee who is confined to a larger work environment is unable to appreciate and fade away. If we wish to ensure that they survive it is imperative that they get paid for what they do as they perform it, not just four months afterward. When that time comes, it’s late and shutters are shut. What do you take your talents when they’re gone? According to one supermarket chain: once it’s gone it’s gone.