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Enterprise software specialist Ideagen cuts ‘substantial’ ties with Russia to support Ukraine

Management of an enterprise software specialist with operations around the world said it had ended all dealings with Russia to support the people of Ukraine.

Ben Dorks, chief executive of Nottingham-based Ideagen Plc, said he was canceling all business with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Ideagen told Buisnesslive that it has a “substantial” volume of business with Russia.

Boris Johnson has vowed Britain ‘cannot and will not just look the other way’ as Russian tanks and helicopters continue to move through Ukraine and missiles fall on strategic military infrastructure. Civilian casualties were reported.

The prime minister has pledged to join his allies in responding with a massive set of sanctions designed to “hinder the Russian economy”.

In a televised statement, Mr Johnson said the world could not stand idly by and allow Ukraine’s freedom to be ‘stifled’ as Moscow hit its neighbor with a full-scale attack, hitting towns and cities and bases with airstrikes or bombardments.

He said: “This wanton and reckless act of aggression is not just an attack on Ukraine, it is an attack on democracy and freedom in Eastern Europe and the world.”

Ideagen provides global software and services to more than 7,500 customers in industries including aviation, financial services, life sciences, healthcare and manufacturing.

It operates in the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia, and has completed more than two dozen acquisitions since its listing on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM ) on the London Stock Exchange.

Mr. Dorks said: “Ideagen strongly supports the people and the nation of Ukraine. With immediate effect, we have terminated contracts with all suppliers and customers in Russia and strongly condemn the actions of the Russian government.

“We will continue to offer all possible support to our partners in Ukraine and to offer our prayers to its people.”

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