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City on track with 2022 business plan initiatives

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Three months into the year, the 38 major projects underway this year at Saugeen Shores tend to be around 30% complete, according to CAO Kara Van Myall who presented a first quarter update to councilors on April 11 during a committee of the whole.

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This puts the City on schedule to meet its 2022 business plan priorities, including implementing the first steps of the municipal service delivery review, issuing a request for proposals for a lead consultant for the City’s new aquatics facility and the finishing touches to phase one of Lamont Sports Park at the south end of Port Elgin, where Van Myall said he hopes to start watering the turf in May.

In his quarterly report to council and the public, Van Myall highlighted the accomplishments of city departments, including the staff and resources needed to complete the waterfront cleanup after last September’s storm, including replacing the docks at the port and the renovation of North Shore Park and the North Shore Trail.

Work also included drafting a new, modernized procurement policy and updating financial and support software for municipal staff, as well as completing an environmental assessment of the pollution control plan for the Southampton Water.

In the planning department, on the housing front in Bruce County’s fastest growing community, Van Myall said council could expect to see a policy framework for additional residential units in the near future. .

“Just to highlight at the end of the first quarter, we saw $23 million in new construction, or 54 units developed here in Saugeen Shores,” she reported.

In emergency services, Van Myall said calls to the Saugeen Shores Police Department and the Saugeen Shores Fire Department continue to increase. She said police were in the process of purchasing new Taser stun guns and new mobile workstations for cruisers, as well as recruiting to reach authorized strength.

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Deputy Vice Mayor Mike Myatt offered a ‘hat’ to the staff for doing an ‘amazing’ job with the huge amount of work going on at Saugeen Shores. He received assurances from staff that work on the John Kells Parkette in Gobles Grove would be completed for the grand opening in 11 weeks.

Mayor Luke Charbonneau called it a good report and a great report for people who “want to know what the municipality is doing…”

In a subsequent new statement, Charbonneau said the reported work reflects a municipality that is growing and modernizing.
“These changes will improve residents’ quality of life, while maintaining service levels and helping to achieve appropriate growth.

The statement said managing and supporting growth is a key objective of the business plan, including developing commercial and industrial land, such as the Innovation Park, addressing housing issues by streamlining approvals, promoting infrastructure development, managing parks and other natural assets.

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