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St. Thomas business plan competition enrolls alumni in 2021 – newsroom

The St. Thomas Business Plan Competition invited another group of competitors to its virtual event this year. New entrants to the 2021 competition are alumni who have graduated within the past five years. Students competed in one of two tracks – undergraduate or graduate / alumnus. Emerging entrepreneurs competed for a total of $ 38,000 […]

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Enterprise software maker Diligent buys Galvanize for $ 1 billion

Diligent CEO Brian Stafford is betting that corporate responsibility is the next business software game, similar to [hotlink]from Oracle[/hotlink] technology in the 2000s or [hotlink]Sales forces[/hotlink] in the 2010s. In fact, he just wagered over $ 1 billion on it, sources say. On Wednesday, corporate governance software maker Diligent announced that it had acquired Galvanize, […]

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How to choose the right business software?

Subscribe:Stay in the know with a $1 subscription to the RGJ NCET helps you explore business and technology. Do you have a business or technology question? Send it to [email protected] and if selected, NCET’s panel of business and technology experts will answer it in our monthly column. How to choose the right business software? This […]

Business software

Javascript for enterprise software products: an excellent choice

Choosing the right programming language is a very important step that can influence the overall success of a product. For beginners, this might not be an easy task, as each programming language has specific peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages. Whether your organization is experienced enough or is a startup, whatever programming language you choose for the […]

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Google launches ‘Pixel for Business’ website to attract buyers to its phones –

Recently, Google launched the “Pixel for business”To encourage businesses to buy Pixel phones. In addition, the company is also unveiling a new slogan “Built for Business”. According to Google, there are three basic reasons its devices are aimed at businesses: Security and reliability This section focuses on Google’s custom Titan M chip, which was first […]

Business website

Launch of Google’s “Pixel of Business” website to attract corporate customers

Google launched a new website to get business customers to buy Google Pixel phones. The company previously launched similar Android Enterprise and Android Enterprise Essentials services that basically run the Android operating system on smartphones by providing security and management incentives to professionals compared to regular Android users. The new Pixel for Business website essentially […]

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Why Content Promotion Is So Important To Your Business Website

jmexclusive / Pixabay According to reports, only 35% of businesses report getting any significant return from their content marketing efforts. And all of this after the benefits and rewards of content marketing for a business have long been established. Marketers and business owners around the world quickly realize that content marketing success isn’t a given, […]

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Does getting high give you good business ideas? Yes and no, findings from a new study | Health info

By Dennis Thompson Health Day Reporter (Health Day) THURSDAY, Feb. 4, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Entrepreneurs looking for new pitches for “Shark Tank” could try a bit of cold-storage madness, according to new research. But whether investors are piling up is another matter. According to a new study by company newspaper. But there’s a downside: […]