Business plan

Are you looking for an alternative to the business plan? Consider a business model canvas for startups

By Rieva Lesonsky Is the thought of writing a business plan holding you back from starting a business? If you’re eager to bring your business idea to life, without having to create a large document first, a business model canvas for startups might be right for you. What is a business model canvas for startups? […]

Business website

How accessibility can make (or break) your small business website

Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs. Web accessibility might not be the first thing you think about when designing a website for your small business, but in the long run, little could be more important. Just as a physical store must adhere to ADA guidelines to ensure that all people can access their […]

Business plan

How to Create a Solid Business Plan for Your Private Therapy Practice

You wouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation, so why develop your small business any differently? When planning your transition to a private consulting practice, you’ll want to start with a solid business plan. You might even need this plan if you intend to apply for a loan to fund your young therapy practice. […]

Business plan

How to write a business plan that’s right for you: four tips

If you are embarking on a new business venture, it is crucial to create a business plan first. Your plan tells you where your business is at and what steps you need to take to reach your end goal. It moves you from point A to point B depending on how each piece of the […]